Mervyn Miles


Mervyn would rather not say just how many years’ experience he has accrued in the construction industry, but he does lay claim to being one of the first in his department to have a battery operated calculator!

His long journey started with the County Council’s Architects Department, where he progressed to chartered QS status, before being enticed over to the contracting side with Laser C.E. Spending over 13 years here he helped run and develop the QS, Estimating and Buying functions on a variety of civil engineering projects, before ultimately setting up the Build division for the group.

At this point, further career development called and he moved into the groundworks specialisation, spending some 12 years concentrating on residential/commercial groundworks and infrastructure for both Broadway Building Co (Midlands) Ltd and M. Lambe Construction Ltd.

We have been fortunate to lure Mervyn back, to work with both former and new colleagues to help develop and promote Montel Civil Engineering, He will be concentrating on the estimating and buying functions, and generally making his knowledge and experience available to all.


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