Twigworth Roundabout and Access Road

The construction of a new roundabout on the A38 to the north of Gloucester, just outside of the village of Twigworth. This road forms an arterial link between Gloucester city and Tewkesbury town Approximately 11,000 vehicles use the A38 on a daily basis. The works included the protection and diversion of significant existing utilities, installation of new utilities, the installation of a new storm water drainage network, the realignment of the A38 and formation of the new roundabout; and the installation of all necessary signage and street lighting in order to provide adequate safety measures for the safe use of the new road layout.

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Integrated Delivery Team

Due to the high-profile nature of the scheme, and its effect on the wider roads network, careful planning and sequencing was necessary in order to ensure that as little disruption to members of the public was afforded as could achieved. Coupled with this was the necessity to ensure safe passage through the works area for all pedestrians and cyclists.

Our site team worked closely with the designers to provide our client with cost-effective responses to issues identified and over a period of several weeks a number of various solutions were tabled, discussed, and subsequently agreed on.


Adopting a Collaborative Strategy

The key to this being a successful project was the genuine collaborative effort of all parties involved. Through early engagement and working in partnership with our supply chain, we were able to address key performance requirements for health, safety, environment, employment and other Client Relationship matters. Due to the positive impact Montel had on this scheme in relation to our involvement in ensuring all the residents were kept informed throughout the works, we were shortlisted as a finalist in the Construction News Stakeholder Liaison Award 2020.


Encouraging Innovation and Learning

We identified opportunities to maximise our use of recycled aggregates by using a local aggregate specialist to locate and source material on our behalf and we collaborated with Gloucestershire highways for technical approval of the material resulting in significant financial saving to the client, reducing lorry distances, and allowing the money to be spent locally to the scheme rather than outside of the area and reducing waste to landfill by reuse.