New Yard and Storage Area

Construction of a new fuel distribution facility including a concrete paved hardstanding area suitable for rigid and articulated fuel tankers who could load and unload into a 145,000 litre fuel storage tank. The facility featured car parking for employees, specially designed drainage systems to deal with fuel spillages, surface water drainage and retention, modular welfare and office facility, concrete pavements and a reinforced concrete plinth to accommodate the fuel storage tank.

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Integrated Delivery Team

Montel utilised their own workforce to construct the majority of the works including, earthworks, drainage, ducting, stone preparation, kerbing and service installations. Long term supply chain partners were used to construct the concrete yards and plinth, lighting, fencing and joint sealing.


Adopting a Collaborative Strategy

Montel worked with Severn Trent Water to obtain foul drainage consent for the scheme including making the connection into the existing system at a depth of 3.35m. The foul drainage system for the scheme included the use of a Q Max linear drainage system which could be closed off using gate valves in the event of a major fuel spill. The foul system featured the installation of 2 No Class 1 petrol interceptors and an EconoSkim fuel collection tank.


Encouraging Innovation and Learning

Initially the scheme included modular concrete block low level retaining walls on two elevations. Assessing site conditions and further investigation into levels, Montel were able to value engineer the walls out in favour of trief kerbs thus reducing walling costs and earthwork disposal volumes.

The project was an intensive 16 week programme which had to meet the delivery and installation date for the 145,000 litre fuel tank supplied by the Client.