Coopers Edge Flood Defence

Construction of a new drainage channel that would form an overflow outlet should the adjacent water course flood in periods of heavy rain. This necessitated an earthworks exercise in order to construct the feature, but also provided the need to install four timber footbridges over it in order that pedestrians could gain access to both sides of the channel.

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Integrated Delivery Team

With our extensive experience and proactive approach, the site team brought together the various facets of the design and through direct liaison with the client and designers to ensure that the Works were constructed in general compliance with the drawings.

As a diligent, solution-driven contractor, we saw it as our role within the integrated delivery team to identify, solve, and drive solutions through the scheme – in order to provide our client with a relatively stress-free project. It was imperative tht our client was kept abreast of any amendments.


Adopting a Collaborative Strategy

By being involved with the Project Management team prior to the Works starting, we commenced our operations with a full understanding of the programme expectations of our clients, we were able to resource and undertake the scheme with a clear goal of what was required.


Encouraging Innovation and Learning

Due to the size and scale of the development as a whole, it was always likely that the subsoil produced would be utilised within the wider scheme. In a similar manner, the topsoil used to finish the side slopes was also site-won. With the commercial and environmental benefits that these created, it was always going to be preferable for these products to be retained on site.

The concrete produced from the disused culvert removal was sent to a local (in Gloucester) recycling centre for crushing to hardcore and reuse.