Twigworth Roundabout



In order for us to carry out investigative service location works, there will be occasions where we will need to temporally divert pedestrians around our works via a temporary footpath. These temporary footpaths will be made up of compacted crushed aggregate and temporary red/white barriers and signage will safely guide you around our works.

We will endeavour to complete the investigation works in the working day so we can open up the footpath by 5pm, but please be patient whilst we carry out these essential works and as always we thank you for your co-operation.

Montel Civil Engineering has been engaged by the developer Robert Hitchins to construct a new roundabout on the A38 to the north of Gloucester city centre, near the village of Twigworth. The land to the east of the A38, in this area, has been ear-marked within the Joint Core Strategy for Gloucestershire as an area for residential development.

The construction of this roundabout will provide a safe access into the development land, and allow the subsequent access and egress for both future construction vehicles and residents.

The works are anticipated to be completed within a twenty week programme, and whilst as much of the works will be carried out without adversely affecting vehicles users of the A38, there will be instances where the configuration of the new roundabout will require traffic management to be implemented in order to protect the safety of both our workforce and members of the public (both road users and pedestrians).

The works required within the scope include; the protection and/or diversion of significant existing utilities (as well as the installation of new for the proposed development); the installation of a new storm water drainage network which also provides attenuation for surface water run-off prior to it entering the local, existing drains; the realignment of the A38 and formation of the new roundabout; and the installation of all necessary signage and street lighting in order to provide adequate safety measures for the safe use of the new road layout.

Frequently asked questions

Q When will the scheme start?
Construction is due to start May 13th 2019

Q. Will the A38 be closed to traffic during construction? Will there be a detour?
Some traffic restrictions, including speed restrictions and lane closures will be unavoidable at certain points during the construction of the scheme. It is envisaged that it will be necessary to carry out the final surfacing works via a localised closure of the A38 (a diversion route will be provided and signed accordingly) – in order to protect both members of the public and the workforce during these activities. As and when a confirmed date has been agreed with GCC, this will be advertised, and ample notice will be provided to all stakeholders.

Q. How will the road construction affect businesses and residences on the A38?
Whilst every effort will be made by Montel Civil Engineering to minimise the impact the roundabout construction will have on businesses and residents on the A38, there will be a need to implement traffic management controls whilst certain operations are being carried out. We would hope that these do not adversely affect the ability of local residents and businesses to access/egress their properties. If you have any concerns, please contact the Project Manager.

Q. How will I get to my property during construction?
All property access will be maintained throughout the project duration.

Q. What hours will the construction team work?
It is anticipated that the site team will be at work from 7.30am to 5pm. Normal levels of construction noise are to be expected.

Q. When will the traffic lights start on the A38?
We are currently in discussions with Gloucestershire County Council regarding the exact dates and timings of temporary traffic signals, but have requested the periods between the 31st May and 21st June, and 08th July and 06th September 2019 for the use of this traffic management. Further information will be made available once a formal agreement has been made with the local authority.

Q. Will these lights be manually controlled during peak times?
To alleviate the build-up of traffic, the lights will be manually operated during the peak traffic flow periods through Monday to Friday.

Q. How long can I expect to be delayed waiting in traffic?
This obviously depends on the volume of traffic and therefore will fluctuate during the day. We would advise that should alternative routes be available, then these are used. Montel Civil Engineering will monitor waiting times and provide feedback.

Q. Are the temporary traffic lights going to be in place seven days a week?
In order to try and assist road users, we anticipate that should it be safe to do so, then the lights will be removed overnight and at weekends.

Q. The traffic lights are still in place, but I can’t see any works being carried out. Why are they still there?
There is nothing more frustrating than seeing road works in place but no activities being carried out. Montel Civil Engineering are aware of this and the perception it gives. We can only state that the lights will only be left in place if we have any safety concerns that prevent their removal – or if the works programmed for that day dictate that we need to have them in place. There are a number of activities that will be weather dependent, and as such there may be instances where the lights are on in readiness for that day’s scheduled works, but the conditions (either at that time or forecast) dictate that those operations cannot be carried out. When this becomes apparent, the lights will be removed.

Q. Where can I find updates about the scheme?
There will be a dedicated website which will go live on Monday 13th May and be updated on a regular basis, all information can be found here We will also be tweeting about the scheme as it progresses follow @Montel_CivEng.

Q. When will construction end?
The project is to be completed September 2019.

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