Myton Green Development

S38 Road & Landscaping Works

Upcoming Work in September / October

S38 Spine Road

  • The first phase of the new access road was completed previously allowing access to the first two housebuilding plots.
  • Phase two of the road has now commenced with the excavation of road formation, placing the W150 capping and type 1 sub-base layers.
  • Gullies and service duct crossings to the road will be installed and kerbs laid including access to building plots and bus stop details.
  • Service trenches will be excavated in the verges and the water and gas mains installed.

Strategic Landscaping Works

  • Heavy civils works have now been completed in these areas.
  • Landscape planting, turf, seeding etc. have either commenced or will commence shortly.
  • All the play equipment has been installed and the rubber bound mulch soft surfacing will be completed during September.
  • Surface course to the footways has been started and will continue following on behind the landscape planting and turfing works.
  • Ecology arrangements such as bird / bat boxes etc. will be installed during this period completing the works to much of these areas.
  • This section of the work is restricted by the newt barrier which needs to be realigned to allow footways and swales to be completed. In order to do this an amendment to the licence has to be approved by Natural England.
  • When approval for the licence amendment has been granted the swales and footways will be completed including the connection to Saumur Way.
  • Preparation for landscape activities will commence by placing subsoil and topsoil to the finished levels and digging tree pits.
  • In these areas the existing ground levels need to be shaped up to the required formation levels including any play mounds.
  • Drainage headwalls are all constructed but a couple are still to be faced off with brickwork which will be done in this period.
  • Footway construction will continue throughout this period upto the underside of the surface course.
  • Place subsoil and topsoil to finished levels and excavate tree pits ready for landscape works to start.
  • These are the play areas located within the landscaped open spaces.
  • Installation of play equipment, boulders, logs etc. will be completed.
  • Rubber bound mulch, wet pour and sand soft surfacing will be placed to the respective play areas.
  • MUGA (5-a-side football and basketball court has been formed ready for fencing and surfacing to commence later in September.

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