Remediation & Enabling Work

The development of brown field land continues to present Montel with various opportunities to assist our ever growing client base. Often asked by developers to provide enabling solutions at the front end of regeneration projects, we are often engaged to provide access, clean up and site infrastructure services. We understand the importance of early client access and pride ourselves in being able to provide a flexible delivery.

From removal of existing hardstanding’s, re-processing of materials, excavation and cell storage, management of complex specialist remediation processes through to final capping, re-profiling and infrastructure, Montel are able to provide a combined delivery package to suit a diverse range or environments.

  • Excavation and breaking out of burial structures, features and services
  • Crushing and recycling of site material
  • Excavation and storage of contaminated materials
  • Earthworks re-profiling and over site capping
  • Capping off mine shafts and features
  • Management and attendance to stabilisation, specialist remediation, gas and environmental processes

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