Montel Reduce Carbon Footprint

Rewarding Drivers For Cutting Emissions And Saving Fuel.

Innovative technology reduces Montel Civil Engineering vehicle emissions by 10%

Over the course of the last 12 months, Montel Civil Engineering has reduced the environmental impact of its fleet vehicles by 10%, cutting roughly 10 tonnes of CO2 from its carbon footprint.

The company has achieved this impressive feat thanks to their decision to deploy Lightfoot – an innovative driver behaviour technology that helps drivers to maintain a smoother driving style; reducing fuel use, emissions rates, and the risk of at-fault accidents.

“We were introduced to Lightfoot through our broker, Dunsby Associates. We are always on the lookout for ways to keep our employees safe and Lightfoot seemed a great way to not only protect our drivers, but reward them too. What we weren’t initially aware of, however, was the impact Lightfoot could have on our carbon footprint. Once we saw the numbers relating to emissions, that really got our attention and confirmed Lightfoot was well ahead of anything else we had seen.”

Jon Kirkland (Managing Director)

Convinced by case studies and the results realised by existing Lightfoot customers, Montel Civil Engineering elected to install Lightfoot as quickly as possible in their fleet of vans.

The results since have been consistently positive. As well as achieving the company’s goal of reducing the environmental impact of its vehicles, there have been several other benefits for the company and its drivers.

The reduction in emissions is tied closely to an improvement in fuel efficiency seen across all vehicles. An increase of 9.6% in mpg has helped Montel Civil Engineering save thousands of pounds in fuel costs in the last year.

And as for Dunsby Associates, who first introduced the company to Lightfoot, the results have been spectacular.

“In the 12 months since Montel Civil Engineering deployed Lightfoot, we have recorded an 80% reduction in at-fault claims. This has been a great result for all parties involved – their drivers are demonstrably safer thanks to Lightfoot, the company reduces their costs, and we know our customer takes risk seriously and promotes driver safety wherever possible.”

Scott Batty (Head of Broking, Dunsby Associates)

Lightfoot alone doesn’t make this happen, though. At the heart of these positive changes lies the company’s drivers. After all, you can have the greenest vans and the smartest tech but, unless the people behind the wheel are driving well, you won’t see results. Montel Civil Engineering drivers have rightly been rewarded for their better driving as part of Lightfoot’s unique approach to fleet management and driver behaviour.

“Lightfoot’s mission is to reward better drivers – it’s what sets us apart from anything else on the market. We don’t believe in tracking drivers and using their data against them, we want to empower them and reward them for their exceptional performance. Montel Civil Engineering are right behind this ethos and were quick to adopt our Driver Perks package, giving their drivers the chance to enter our competitions and use our exclusive discounts.”

Rupert Lyon Taylor (Managing Director, Lightfoot)