Environment and Sustainability Policy Statement of Intent

Montel Civil Engineering Ltd.’s strategic objective is compliance with environmental statutory and regulatory requirements and operate and implement the environmental procedures, which are certified to the recognised international standard ISO 14001:2015, moving towards good and best practice.

Montel Civil Engineering Ltd are committed to the continual improvement of managing its aspects and impacts to reduce and prevent so far as is reasonably practicable harm to the environment through planned and unplanned activities by ensuring that:

  1. the setting and reviewing objectives and targets for the future, is achieved;
  2. the provision of information, instruction, training and supervision to all our employees to ensure that they properly discharge their responsibilities and duties;
  3. site waste is minimised by encouraging recycling and reusing of resources;
  4. the use of recycled and recyclable materials is promoted;
  5. general, clinical and recyclable waste is correctly stored, transferred and disposed of in accordance with environmental laws;
  6. wastewater, ground waters or diverted surface waters are correctly managed and permitted;
  7. vehicles, plant and equipment are chosen in consideration to their energy efficiency
  8. vehicles and plant do not release black smoke;
  9. nuisance to the public is minimised, or where unavoidable due to emergency or essential works, that notification and compensation plans are implemented;
  10. where reasonably practicable, sustainable solutions will be developed for reducing the impact our operations have on local communities, natural environment and the constructed product;
  11. sustainable materials, substances and equipment are procured with consideration to reducing environmental impact or that with control do not present an unacceptable risk;
  12. suitable and effective arrangements for emergencies such as fire, spillage or pollution of land, air or water are made;
  13. office activities minimise resources use through procuring recycled or sustainably forested paper, reusing and recycling paper, using energy and water efficiently; and affecting the most efficient method of commuting to work;
  14. where possible, all forest products originate from FSC-certified sources;
  15. consideration of environmental issues is incorporated into our commercial decision-making, applying this particularly to new developments, projects and acquisitions.

Montel Civil Engineering Ltd shall monitor and review performance and progress against these targets.

Jon Kirkland
Managing Director
Montel Civil Engineering Ltd.

Document signed December 2018
This general statement of policy on Environment and Sustainability at work supersedes all earlier copies of the document.