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At Montel Civil Engineering we look at projects from our clients perspective, meaning you can expect us to go beyond the conventional to deliver tailored and innovative solutions. Look below the surface and you’ll find a blend of skills, passion, experience and capability that sets us apart.

Montel Civil Engineering & Hard Landscaping Contractors UK

We started this business with a determination to try and look at civil engineering projects from our clients perspective. By employing this ethos, we’re showing our clients that they can expect us to go above and beyond the conventional civil engineering strategies to deliver tailored, innovative and professional civil engineering solutions.

At first glance, we may not seem too different from any other civil engineering construction company, but our reputation for being the best speaks volumes. We have a diverse range of clients that we have gained through our years of experience, high quality equipment and range of civil engineering services. If you take a closer look at us and try us out, you’ll find a blend of skills, knowledge and a high level of capability which sets us apart from any other civil engineering company.

Every project we undertake draws upon the many years of contracting experience our team has to ensure a safe and successful completion which will be on time and within budget. Our civil engineering team are some of the most experienced and professional in the industry and are renowned for their ability to offer the most efficient, effective and affordable solutions.

So if you are looking for a civil engineering company with a difference that can offer you a range of high quality services then contact us now at Montel Civil Engineering.